Life – long learner

From birth till we die, life is full of learning experiences and opportunities to learn something new. Children learn everything they see, hear and do. They don’t have any barrier to what they can learn. They just learn everything. As we grow up, sometimes what we have learned becomes a barrier to new learning. This can happen when adults assume that they know everything and feel there is nothing more to learn or they feel they are too mature to learn any other thing.

I remember in my high school vacation I fell in love with reading non – academic books where I could learn something new.  And since then I have never looked back. We need to develop an attitude of continuous learning because being a life – long learner is an effective way to deal with change. The major reason, people always resist change is because they don’t want to learn something new; they like to do things which are familiar to them, things they have always done.

Allow me share with you more reasons why you need to be a life – long learner; learning continuously enables you to hold long meaningful conversations with people because you have knowledge about many things, it also builds confidence within us. Did you know that ignorance creates fear? Some people don’t apply for some jobs or don’t take up certain positions because their ignorance stops them.

Continuous learning will give you more options in your work life and personal life because new skills learnt make you an asset and you become a flexible person. And finally being a life – long student keeps your brain from going dull, keeps you feeling young and keeps you inspired and passionate about what you do.

Let this be your lifestyle “learn a lot about a few things, learn a little about a lot of things, learn and keep learning”.

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