Study in a better way- part one

Over the years I have discovered that I have an affinity for books, I like reading. I love knowledge. Studying is not a comfortable habit, it requires hard work. I came across some things that have made my study more enjoyable. In this blog, I want to share with you a few tips about study. When you follow these tips I promise your study time will not remain the same. You will be better at it. Before we go into the tools for study, why am I taking time to tell you about study? Study is very important because of this big reason;


Study is one of the main tools to change how you think. Your mind can be renewed by applying it to those things that will transform it. The mind is transformed by knowledge. Once you get to know something, you are set free. Careful study focuses the mind in a specific direction. The knowledge you feed on daily determines the habits that are formed in your life.

Now, how will you study?

Study involves four steps. The first step is repetition. Repetition carries the mind in a specific direction, thus instilling patterns of thought. Concentration is the second step in study. If, in addition to bringing the mind repeatedly to the subject matter, one centers on what is being studied, learning will be vastly increased. Comprehension is the third step in study. When you get the meaning of something and your senses become aware of it then you will experience a new level of growth and freedom. One further step is needed: reflection. In reflection you think about the importance of what you are studying. In reflection we come to understand not only our subject matter, but ourselves. When we ponder the meaning of what we study, we come to hear and see in a new way. Enjoy your study time from now on.

He that to what he sees, adds observation, and to what he reads, reflection, is in the right road to knowledge, provided that in scrutinizing the hearts of others, he neglects not his own.—CALEB COLTON

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