I enjoy sharing what I am learning and doing with young people and whenever there is an opportunity to have a conversation with them I don’t hesitate. A few days back I had a shot at talking with some teenagers in a school environment. We were in groups of about three people each to prepare on a given topic. In my group we prepared on academic excellence and I was chosen to present it. I shared a few stories on academic excellence which I am not going to share now.

Allow me share with you, the highlight which I believe we can all apply in our lives no matter what age we are. We talked about beliefs. A belief is something in your mind that you hold as true. I believe that everything we do or don’t do depends on the beliefs we hold as true. Beliefs form mindsets which exist in our lives.

In our research we came across two types of mindsets; a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe that skills, intelligence and talents are natural while people with a growth mindset believe that you have the capacity to learn and grow your skills. The fixed mindset says failure is shameful and should be avoided while the growth mindset says failure is a valuable lesson. The fixed mindset will say some people are naturally good at things and others are not while the growth mindset will say people who are good at something are good because they have built that ability. And finally people with a fixed mindset will say you are not in control of your abilities while people with a growth mindset will say you are in control of your abilities.

Therefore, I strongly believe that you can have a growth mindset knowing that you are limitless. You can learn to do anything you want to do when you put in effort and have a good attitude. You have the ability to adapt to the changing environment.

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