1Chronicles 28:11 David gave Solomon the plans for all the Temple buildings, for the storerooms and all the other rooms, and for the Most Holy Place, where sins are forgiven.

Today while I was doing my Bible study in the morning, the above verse stood out for me among the verses in the two chapters that I read. The last part of the verse reminded me of the structure of the temple in Bible times. The temple had the outer court, the inner court and the Holy of Holies (Most Holy Place).

You read in the above verse that in the Most Holy Place is where sins were forgiven. I did some research last year and I found out that the temple is a picture of a human being. As the temple was made of three major parts likewise the human being is also made of three major parts which are the body (outer court), the soul (inner court) and the spirit (Most Holy Place).

As I let my mind sink into the verse, I realized that when the Bible tells us “therefore, if anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation”. 2 Corinthians 5:17. It means that once we accept Jesus Christ, we are made new and this newness is in our spirit. Our spirit is perfected forever. The forgiveness of sins happens in the spirit and it has to spread from there to consume our souls and bodies.

When you know that you are forgiven, then the soul and hence the body change. As we renew our minds (soul) through the word of God then we will get to know of what happened in our spirit and we start to walk in it and as a result our mortal bodies will experience healing and every good thing.

Walk as a free person, knowing that because you accepted and confessed Christ to be your Lord, He removed from your spirit the sin nature. You are free to live from your recreated spirit as a forgiven, beloved child of God, bearing His fruit.



low angle photograph of the parthenon during daytime
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