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Every morning at work, we have huddle time from 7:45 am to 8:00 am where we share our plans for the day, pass on communication and share something to build each other up. One morning it was my turn to lead the huddle. I remember I shared about the 4S of life which I had come across in a video.

Think of the 4S as the four stages of life which each of us go through. I believe we don’t make progress through these stages by accident but someone has to make an intentional choice to move from one stage to another.

The first stage is called survival stage. In this stage you are really struggling and you are very poor. I remember this happened to me when I left my father’s house. I was doing internship somewhere without pay so getting by was not easy. I applied to get a job at my internship place.

The second stage is stability or security, were you can pay for your bills like housing etc. After the internship I was employed by the institution and I began to stabilize.  At this stage you have something you are doing that’s bringing in pretty good income to live by.

The third stage is the success stage, were you can have all your needs and wants met. You have enough money to do and have what you want. I think you have noticed that in these three stages, it is all about you and the people close to you.

The final stage is significance, which is proposed to be the last stage of life. In this stage, it is no longer about you, but you are thinking of how you can live a legacy in the world. You are thinking of changing your world where you live. I heard someone say that it is hard to think about other people when you are poor. Currently I don’t consider myself to have made a lot of money but I have been significant with the little I have by helping people.

I believe working and doing more with our lives can help us move from one stage to another. We don’t exist for ourselves, therefore we need to work and leave the world a better place. Let’s be intentional and grow through the stages of life.

Yes, we can.

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