Attention span

I always feel a certain kind of peace whenever I am away from my phone. While I am away from gadgets that is the time I get to think, observe and notice things around me which I wouldn’t have paid attention to if I was with my phone or my laptop.

With the increasing usage of gadgets all over the world, the human attention span has reduced tremendously. Research has shown that the human attention span is now at eight seconds and that of a gold fish is at nine seconds. The gold fish can focus on one activity longer than an average human being. Now in eight seconds you can’t really do much.

Some of us will pull out our gadgets not that we have something really important we are going to do but just to make us look busy. We have become accustomed to multi-tasking which is not a good thing for your brain for it blocks it.  Phones increase levels of anxiety; therefore we need to regulate gadgets usage.

I think gadgets make our brains go dull, for example before we would solve simple mathematical problems without using a calculator because we knew in our minds that there was no other way. When you started using the calculator somehow that ability for mental work declined because you stopped exercising the mind. Albert Einstein said that thinking is hard work that is why a few people engage in it.

The statistics about attention span should not scare you because you can practice the habit of concentration. I think you can do that by putting away all your gadgets (distractions) and seat somewhere with a timer and focus on a single activity for at least twenty minutes. The brain is a muscle and it can be exercised.

When you learn to focus that is when your deep innovative and creative thinking comes out. You are able to come up with solutions to problems in your world. You will be able to come up with great ideas.

Focus today.




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