The power of words

Today, someone called me to ask whether I was going to pay for something. I responded in a way which implied that I was not going to get money soon. This person confronted me regarding what I had spoken and prayed that I may get money. After the call I started thinking about the times I have been negative in my speech especially concerning matters of money. Sometimes I speak death instead of speaking life.

I am on a journey of taming my tongue and I know I will get there. The tongue is a very small organ in our body but it determines the course of our entire lives. I have come to a place where it is so easy for me to speak that I am well even if I am not feeling well. I have learnt to speak to my body and I have been healed several times from back aches, headaches, and fevers. When it comes to money, I still find myself negative when talking about it.

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I have started declaring the declarations in the secrets of a millionaire mind audio by T Harv  Eker. I believe I will see a change in my finances. I believe words are packed with energy because I have experienced the effect of words in my life. Whenever we speak, we release energy that affects the matter around us. This energy will affect the living and non – living things in your life.

I heard a story of someone who spoke to a car and it stopped having mechanical issues. I have also heard about farmers who speak to their animals that they will not be infected by a disease outbreak in the area and their animals have remained safe.

There is power in our words. Let us use them for our advantage and not for our disadvantage.

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.


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