I remember in 2011, I wanted to be a pastor of a church. I started thinking about possible names for the church and I almost asked someone to design for me a logo. I came up with the name Abundant Life Ministries.  The word Life captured my mind and I decided to find words to represent each letter in it.

I wrote the word LIFE vertically, and filled in the words; L for love, I for instruction, F for fellowship and E for eternity.

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Recently, I have been thinking about my personal values. As I thought, the word LIFE came to mind and I remembered that time when I wrote it out. A light, lit in my brain, showing that, they are my personal values.

I have observed myself for a while since then and I have noticed that my life revolves around those 4 things.

Love, I believe in helping out people, whenever I am in position to help. That is one way of loving people. I always love myself, by investing in myself through studying and attending conferences.

Instruction, the nature of my job, allows me to teach young people. I teach them so many things ranging from academics to daily life skills. Therefore I am always reading and learning so I may instruct my students properly.

Fellowship, I believe in meeting regularly with fellow believers, so we can encourage each other. After which we go and reach out to the world. We were created to have great relationships with each other. As I fellowship with others, I develop relationships with them.

Eternity, I try my best to know God and His Son Jesus Christ by studying my Bible daily. Eternity in the other sense of heaven and hell, I always ask myself, “How will I act so that people are attracted to Christ?”

Around these values, I have created habits that enable me to fulfill my core values in my life. Among the habits is time management.

Have you identified your core values in life?



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