There is more

Isaiah 43:18 GNB

But the LORD says, “Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago.

As I was doing my morning devotion today, this verse caught my attention. The phrase “There Is More” was on my mind. I believe that, to each of us there is more to our lives than what has happened in our past and what we are currently experiencing.

The Israelites had seen God deliver them from Egypt with a lot of power and they had also seen Him defeat the people who occupied the Promised Land He had given them. God parted the sea and His people passed on dry ground while the water covered up their enemies behind them. God drove out the people who occupied the land He had given to His chosen people.

These were really big things for the Israelites to dwell on, for them to remain emotionally attached to them, but God speaks through the Prophet Isaiah and tells them not to give thought to the things which are past. He told them not to reside in things of long ago.

I believe when we hold on to the past, it stops us from seeing the new that is happening in our lives. It limits us in a sense that, we shall expect God to work in the same way as He did in the past, yet He wants to do something new.

I want you to know that, whatever big success you have experienced in your life so far, God still has more for you. There are still wonderful things that shall surpass what has been done in your life before. Just watch and pay attention to God and He will show you what is going to happen in your future. It is far better and greater than what you are currently experiencing in your life.

I believe the new thing was the provision of divine mercy which was already happening. That is, the comfort and refreshment which the gospel (good news of Jesus Christ) provides to sinful and suffering man.

There is more to your life.

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