Prophecy part one

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A few months back, I signed up for the prophecy class at Worship Harvest Ministries. The class was led by Mrs Lynette Nsubuga.

I remember when I was in ordinary level; a friend came to my bed and told me something that God had told him. I didn’t really take it seriously at the moment. It was something negative and he didn’t give me any way forward. He left me in suspense.

After like 2 years, without sharing that information with anyone, it finally came out. That day, there was a quarrel at home, which I overheard from my room. I came out and also added to the situation, the information I had been told.

Allow me not to share what the information was, but it caused trouble in my family. I now know that both of us (me and my friend) were ignorant about words of knowledge. We didn’t know much about how to deliver a word of knowledge neither about prophecy therefore we were prone to making mistakes.

Let me share with you, a few things I have learnt from the prophecy classes I have been attending.

The purpose of prophecy is to enable one who is unacquainted with the truths of the gospel to be convicted by the uttering of the truths of religion in a language understandable to all (prophesying). As a result the non – Christian is exposed to the nature of their heart and he or she is converted and they become a Christian. 1 Corinthians 14:24- 25

Prophecy is all about calling out greatness in people. A prophet is a continuous listener to God. He or she is always in contact with God to hear and know the greatness He (God) has placed in His people. For example when the prophet Samuel met Saul, God reminded him that Saul was the man He had told him about to be king. Samuel treated Saul differently because he knew who he was. And therefore, Samuel called out the greatness which God had placed in Saul. 1 Samuel 9:19 – 22

A prophet is a seer as they were called in the Old Testament. They see the good in people and call it out. Therefore, when the person receives the prophecy and believes the words said to him or her and they act on them, they are able to reach their destiny.

I will share the other things about prophecy in the next blog.

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