A few days back I visited a friend who works at a children’s home. I was there till evening because I love being around children. Before the children had their dinner my friend asked me to lead them through their devotion time which they have daily. I welcomed the opportunity to share the word of God with the children. It was a pleasure.

We started off by playing a few games and we delved into the real thing. We began by recapping what they had learned the previous day. I found out that they learned about Joseph and how he was gotten from prison to interpret the king’s dream. After the recap, we still continued learning about Joseph and discovered that after his appearance before the king, he had been appointed governor over all Egypt and he did excellently what he was supposed to do.

At one point, I asked the children to imagine what they would do if they had been chosen as vice president of a certain country. The first kid who put up his hand said that he would kill the president and take over the country. This answer led to a teaching moment. After several responses I realized that we as adults we have passed on the culture of hating and dishonoring our leaders to the children.

Nowadays when you scroll through social media, you can see a lot of messages against our leaders. People say anything they want to the leaders. I taught the children that the Bible encourages us to honor or respect our leaders because it is due to us. I love how Beatrice Byemanzi put it. She asked, “do you pay your rent because the Landlord is good?” You pay your rent simply because it is due. If you don’t pay it, you will be kicked out of the house.

Honoring our leaders means we don’t speak ill about them, whether they are doing good things or not. Leaders are appointed by God to watch over us. Therefore we need to pray for them daily that they will be humble for God to work through them. We need to also pray for the wellbeing of our country because when our country is doing well we shall do well too.

Honour is due.

Romans 13:7 KJV Render therefore to all their dues: a tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.



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