Keep Growing

In the first week of December 2019, I attended a book launch party of one of my mentors. He and a friend were launching a book on personal growth. There came a time when the floor was open for the audience to ask the authors some questions. One of the questions asked was “Is it possible for someone to hit targets without necessarily growing?”

I remember telling the people who were near me that it is possible to hit all your targets (goals) without growing as an individual.

I am currently re-reading The 15 invaluable laws of growth by John C. Maxwell. The fifth law which is the law of consistency says that “motivation keeps you going, discipline keeps you growing”. As I read carefully through this law, the above question came back to my mind. That day I had answered YES to the question but I didn’t have clear reasons in my mind to support my answer.

John Maxwell has shared some insights into this law which I believe supports my answer.

It is possible to reach your goals without growing as individuals. John encourages us in his book to be growth conscious instead of goal conscious. When you are growth conscious you focus on the journey instead of on the destination. When you are growth conscious it matures you rather than only motivates you for a while. When you are focused on growth, it is for your entire life but goals are only seasonal. Being growth conscious keeps you growing beyond the goal, but when you are focused on goals, you will stop growing when the goal is reached. And finally, the other reason for my yes is that when you focus on growth, it changes you rather than challenge you only.

All in all, when you focus on growth you are able to learn a lot along the journey and hence be metamorphosed into a different better person.     

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