Are you ready or not?

I last posted a blog on 25th December 2019. Since then, I have been lazy to write and post a blog. I have always got inspirations or call them ideas to write about but I would write nothing. I always claimed that I will get one day and write all the blog ideas at once. That day had not come until today.

I have been reading several books ever since the year began and just yesterday I started reading one titled “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy. I have forwarded it before to some people to read. The author talks about 21 ways to stop a major challenge in most adults today which is procrastination. As I began to read, it dawned on me that I have the same challenge, procrastination. You know it is so easy to push things for later, I know I am not alone.

So, at the end of the first chapter called “Set the table”, the Author gives an assignment and he says Take a clean sheet of paper right now and make a list of ten goals you want to accomplish in the next year. Write your goals as though a year has already passed and they are now a reality. Use the present tense, positive voice, and first-person so that they are immediately accepted by your subconscious mind.”

I got a paper immediately and began writing, and I realised I had written eighteen goals in the present tense as he advises above. One of the goals said “I write a blog each day”

This blog is as a result of that goal. Before he gives that assignment, he shares a seven-step formula of setting and achieving goals. Just seven steps I am following to be able to write a blog daily.

  1. Decide exactly what you want. (For me it was to write a blog daily)
  2. Write it down. Think on paper. (I wrote down my goal on paper before I typed it)
  3. Set a deadline on your goal (I added my goal to my daily schedule from 8:00pm to 9:00pm)
  4. Make a list of everything you are going to have to do to achieve your goal. (Mine were to read daily, watch videos, and find inspiration from conversations with people)
  5. Organize the list into a plan. (That simple list fits into my daily schedule)
  6. Take action on your plan immediately. (I started writing)
  7. Resolve to do something every single day that moves you toward your major goal.(I read, watch and find inspiration daily)

I believe, you too can get on a journey of setting and achieving your goals using the seven step formula above.

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