Characteristics of a giver

I was flipping through a little notebook of mine which I used around 2017 and 2018. I found records of people I had helped during that period. Then I realised that these people never do the same for me, simply because we may never meet again in this life. I asked myself, “What motivated me to help these people?” After a little thought, I concluded that because someone else had also helped me at one point. So it was some kind of pay it forward thing.

Let me share with you, a few things I did. The first big one was a university student who lacked tuition and yet their graduation was around the corner. I helped them clear all the pending tuition for the semester so they would graduate. I remembered that someone had done the same thing for me during my last semester at campus when I was about to give up due to lack of tuition. Then the other was someone who had been put in prison over some issue. I paid for them to be released out of there. I could not imagine someone being in prison over little money. I just couldn’t stand it. All these people, I have not met them again since then.

The other story I will share was my first experience to employ someone. I bought a chapatti stall from someone. I went around looking for a person to work there. Someone connected me to one person who was in Jinja (a place in eastern Uganda). I had to send transport for this person to come and start work. When they came, I shared my heart with them and I told them that I wanted them to be better and later give them the business. I felt I wanted to add value to this person. Unfortunately, the business didn’t work out but I was happy that I had brought someone to Kampala town (they didn’t go back to Jinja after the collapse), and that I was able to take him to the dentist to remove his aching tooth and give him a sweater to shelter him from the cold.

Now the above people and more will never be able to do the same for me but I hope they will do the same and show kindness to others in their walk.

This year my blogs are lengthy. So stay with me because I still have more to say. Let me share with you two characteristics of people who enjoy giving with no strings attached which I found in John C. Maxwell and Les Parrot’s book, “25 ways to win with people”


People possessing an abundance mindset believe that there is plenty of everything to go around. If life is a pie, and others are helping themselves to pieces, the solution of the person with the abundance mindset is to bake another pie while people with a scarcity mindset believe that in life, there’s only a limited supply of anything to go around, whether it’s money, resources, opportunity, and so forth. They see the world as a pie with a limited number of slices. That is Dr Stephen R. Covey work from The 7 habits of highly effective people.   John C. Maxwell says people tend to fall into one of two categories: they are either takers or makers. Takers are people who take, grab, and consume whatever they can to meet their own needs. They see life as a rat race. Of course, the main problem with that is that even if you win, you’re still a rat. Makers, on the other hand, are people who give, create, and make things happen. They create progress and foster success for others. They are just as likely to give as to take because they are continually helping to create more for everyone.


Again John C. Maxwell says people who give with no strings attached are usually aware of the help they have received along the way. They recognize that they are standing on the shoulders of previous generations. The progress they make is due, at least in part, to the work and sacrifice of those who have gone before them. Because of this, they are determined to do for the next generation what was done for them. To become better givers, we need greater perspective. When we realize how much we have benefited from the kindness of others, it becomes much easier for us to be generous. And one of the best things is that giving is so rewarding.

Apply this to your own life


Whom can I help that will give nothing in return?

Do it:

Be purposely kind and generous to a specific person.



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