Leadership development

Last year I enrolled for a leadership experience at Harvest Institute. Prior to that, I had been part of a group called “GANG”, which is also a growth space for young people. To graduate from Harvest Institute, each one had to publish a book. I began writing mine early and published it in December 2019. I thank God that my book was the best book in the leadership development category and the third-best book among all other categories. And I also emerged second best student in my huddle. With God’s help and my ability to lead myself, I was able to achieve the above. I believe leadership begins with leading self.

The title of my book is “There Is More”, I strongly believe that we can improve our lives when we decide to and act on our decision. I believe that the largest room there is; is room for improvement. Since I am sold out to personal growth, I have bought quite a number of books to read and practice what the authors are teaching.

I have a copy of John Maxwell’s daily devotional for leaders called “Leadership Promises for Everyday”. On a certain day, he writes about leadership development.

He says that self-development is the development of our potential so that we can fulfil the purpose for which we were created. Self-development draws us toward our destiny. When we pursue personal growth, then we are able to make use of the potential that God implanted in us.

The main idea in my book is Purpose, finding your purpose in life and then living it out for the benefit of others and yourself. I elaborate the idea by sharing stories of people like Washington Carver, Jeremiah in the Bible and my personal experiences all over the chapters in the book which include among six others; intentional living, relationships with people, legacy, and becoming a life – long learner.

The book is to help you and I do more of the good things we are already doing and even for you to begin doing some new things you have not been doing. To do them repeatedly until you bear much fruit.

Let us pursue personal growth.

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