Natural selection

I hope you have heard about the theory of natural selection which was put forward by Charles Darwin. Whether you know it or don’t even know what it is all about, relax, I am going to remind and teach you here briefly.

Darwin suggested that organisms vary (differ) from each other in most populations (a population is a group of organisms belonging to the same species). Some slight variations may better adapt some organisms to their environment than others. He also says that there is always competition for survival among organisms and usually what happens is that only the organisms which are really well adapted to their environment will survive. Those that survive are able to reproduce successfully and pass on the advantageous genes to their offspring. He concludes that with time, the population of organisms loses all the poorly adapted individuals. The population will gradually become better adapted to its environment.

That is natural selection in a nutshell. So, how does this apply to us as individuals?

We are all unique and we each have different abilities which God deposited on the inside of us. We vary greatly from each other. These abilities were given to us so we can operate efficiently in our world (environment). Some folks have taken time to discover some of their abilities and have invested heavily in growing their abilities while other folks have not done that. I believe an ability or potential is a seed God gave each of us. But when you don’t plant the seed, (put it to work) then it will not bear fruit.

You realise that the people who have put their abilities to work, by developing and growing in them are better able to adapt to their environment if I refer to Darwin’s theory. These people are relevant in their world for they are contributing to it. These people become successful and are better able to help other people, while those who don’t develop and grow their abilities have nothing to pass on to others. They simply exist if I may say.

The world is always changing as you have observed by now and our role as individuals is to keep “evolving” or changing along with it so that we can adapt to it better. This means we need to learn, unlearn and relearn. We need not resist change; we simply need to upgrade ourselves to catch up with what is happening in our world. Let us invest in personal growth and development because it is worth it. You will be better able to adapt to your changing environment. Grow your potential; put your seed(s) to work.




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