The 4C’s

Growing up, I remember my dad always told me to read books. He wanted me to study my classwork almost all the time. I even remember I watched television only once a week. With that training, I grew up knowing that reading is the most important thing in life because that is what my dad cared about the most.

Along the way, I “fell” in love with non – academic literature and my focus slightly moved from academic books to these inspirational books. I received my first book which was a “devotional” given out freely by some church. Since then I started using part of my pocket money to buy a book every holiday. I remember I mainly bought Joyce Meyer books which I later gave away to my friends.

Since then, I have loved reading more and more and part of my money buys books, I spend most of my day time reading, talking about books I have read and think through what I have read to get insight out of it. It is from that insight that I write things like blogs.

I believe books chose me and they are important to me because I spend most of my waking time with a book reading. All this I am saying to show you what happens when something is really important to you. There is an idea which is fixed in my mind, the idea of “There Is More”. I believe in continuous improvement. I believe that I need to be better each day of my life. And because of that, I have chosen to be a life – long learner, to learn continuously. I have found books to be my main “companions” to learn continuously.

In the above few words, I know you have noticed the 4 C’s, the ways that show that something is important to you. The C’s are Cash, Calendar, Conversation and Contemplation. You know that something is really important to you when your money goes to “it”, when “it” is on your daily schedule, when you talk about “it” to almost everyone and they know that you really like “it” and finally when you think about “it” most of the time.

I have used that intellectual part of me to relay my message, but I also care about my family and friends and therefore my money, time, talk and thoughts go to them too.

What is most important to you?

Use the 4 C’s to judge what is really important to you.

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