The tongue

I read through James, a book in the Bible. I read chapter 3 in which the writer talks about the power of the tongue by comparing it with usual objects and creatures we are familiar with. I did a study about the chapter and I picked out a few insights about the tongue.

The writer says that, if a man can control his tongue, then he has complete dominion over himself. The tongue is small yet it can govern the whole man. It can lead, guide, moderate, or restrain a man. Your tongue can guide you in hard situations if it is properly controlled. The tongue has tremendous influence and power over your body. It has all the influence in the world, for good or for evil.

Let me unpack those insights. When you look at it, the writer is simply talking about the effect of words in our lives. You should have noticed in your own life that it is very easy to speak evil. You need to be intentional to speak well (life). We are naturally wired that way. We need to override the system because the words we speak will lead our way, those words will keep us or destroy us in whatever situation. Our words carry a lot of influence and power.

You have heard it said many times that when you say that “I am tired”, immediately your body begins shutting down while when you say “I am strong and sober” then all-over a sudden a surge of energy comes rushing into your body. This idea operates in all aspects of our lives. Therefore we need to pay attention to the words we say. The Bible also says that “you will have what you say”, whether positive or negative. You will have it.

Words set things into motion. Remember the creation story, God spoke and everything had to align itself to what had been spoken. Likewise, when you speak, you send out energy that will cause the matter around you to vibrate either for your good or for your “bad”. Words are seeds and they grow with time and bear fruit in our lives. You can determine the fruit you want to see in your life by choosing the words you sow.

It is not easy to control what you say and I pray God helps us in that area.

“We hold amazing power in our words” – Cathy Burnham Martin

“The words we speak become the house we live in” – Hafiz


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