Peace of mind

Whenever I think about my relationship with God and the benefits it has brought me over the years I always acknowledge the fact that I have had peace of mind ever since I got to know the Lord. It is my testimony I share with someone who does not know the Lord, peace of mind.

I believe one of the reasons, if not the only reason why I have had continuous peace of mind is that I “soak” myself in the word of God. Even when I don’t understand what I am reading at some times, I simply continue reading. Passing the word of God through my mind and reading the Bible out loud has brought me tremendous peace and as a result I have also always experienced great health.

Some people are sick in their bodies simply because their mind is not at peace. Fears, hates, insecurities, regrets, and guilt feelings steal our peace. We need to empty our mind of such things if we are to have peace of mind. And one of the practical ways to empty your mind is to tell someone everything troubling your mind.

After emptying your mind, always fill it immediately with creative and healthy thoughts. And this is done by use of scripture; we can get our emotions under control with the word of God. In Psalm 23 verse 2 and 3 David wrote and said “He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul,”

God knew that in this world we would lose peace of mind, therefore He already provided for it. The Psalmist has said, God causes us to rest and divert from our daily routine, He leads us to calmness and quietness and then He returns our soul (mind, will and emotions) to its original condition. In other words God “resets us” and this happens in His word as we “soak” ourselves in it.

You can also achieve peace of mind through your conversation. Engage in positive conversations and talk gently to be peaceful. Negative conversations will steal your peace of mind. The practice of silence daily also produces peace in our mind. Silence for at least 15 minutes were you “throw” your mind into neutral will generate power. The first time I did this, it felt weird but I am now used to it. You can “check” it out too. Thomas Carlyle said “Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves”

As you attain a peaceful state of mind by practicing the above suggestions, it will generate great power in your life.

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