The word pastor comes from a word meaning the cure of souls. The word holiness comes from a word meaning wholeness. The word meditation resembles the root meaning of the word medication. Sincere and practical meditation upon God and His truth acts as a medication for the soul and body.

How you think is related to how you feel. You need specific books for specific troubles. For they will influence how you think and hence how you feel. The answer to emotional conflict is in the healing teachings of Jesus. The Bible is the supreme book for influencing how you think and how you feel. God is the great physician, faith in Him is an antibiotic to kill the germs of fear and render useless the virus of guilt.

Avoid worry, resentment and tension by depending entirely on God. In God we live and move and have our being. Have faith in God, faith heals. Joy itself also possesses healing power. Always declare “the joy of the LORD is my strength”.

Many people suffer poor health not because of what they eat, but from what is eating them. Emotional illnesses turn in upon yourself, sapping your energy, reducing your efficiency, causing deterioration in your health. And, of course, they siphon off your happiness. There is a profound effect of mental pain on physical conditions. Emotions and feelings are quite as real as germs and no less respectable. Anger, resentment and guilt make you sick, hence the Bible tells you not to hate or to get angry.

The most up – to – date book on personal well – being is the Holy Bible. The antidote is to fill the mind with attitudes of good – will, forgiveness, faith, love and the spirit of imperturbability. Find your healing in the word of God.

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