This August we began a teaching series at church called “I am expecting SomeKaMoney”. Most of us are always thinking of ways to get, keep and grow money. Why? because we live in a world where money is the most used medium of exchange for products and services.

When you don’t have money, then it becomes hard to operate in this world. And that is why some people die before their time due to lack of resources to live on this earth, as says, my pastor.  As Christians, we need to get, keep and grow money because we can’t reach out to “lost” people with the good news of Jesus Christ without money. We will not have much impact in this world without money. Therefore making money is a godly thing, it is not evil.

In this blog, I am going to share with you one teaching from the series “I am expecting SomeKaMoney”. I learnt about reasons as to why we should work. Work is a godly thing because even before the fall of “Man”, Adam and Eve were working in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, we need to work because of the reasons below.

We need to work in order to be able to take care of ourselves and the people in our lives, for example, our families, friends and strangers. God doesn’t want us to be in lack; therefore He gave us the opportunity to work.

Actually, I already gave some reasons as to why we need to work in the introductory parts of this blog. Let me give one more reason as to why we should work.

We need to work so that we are able to honour God and our parents. The Bible says that we need to honour God with our possessions (substance) and also to honour our parents. We should not shun away from giving money to our parents claiming that we have given it to God in church. I believe that after honouring God with your first fruits, tithes and offerings, then we also need to honour our parents by sending them money regularly so that all may go well with us and also that we may live a long life.

I believe that the above lines have inspired you to be intentional about getting, keeping and growing money.

Scripture references; 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12, proverbs 3:9 and Matthew 15:4-6.

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