Obey God

I know you have done exams before or have filled out certain forms either physically or online. Exams and forms to fill out always have specific instructions to follow. In the case of an exam, if you happen not to read the instructions carefully, it always leads to penalties. Likewise for physical or online forms, you won’t be able to proceed to the next level if you have not filled out all the essential areas in the form.

I believe that obedience is simply doing what you have been told to do. It is to follow instructions. In the case of an exam, there is loss of marks if one does not follow the given instructions and in the case of a form, you don’t proceed to the next level if the key areas in the form are empty.

I think you have noticed that not following instructions (disobedience) leads to loss and limits progress.

As I was thinking about what stories to share about obedience (following instructions), the stories of Elijah and Elisha came to mind. In both stories, we see women who took action on everything they had been told to do by the men of God. As a result, they both had incredible results or call them miracles happen in their situations.

I have only made mention of a few verses from the stories. You will read the full stories in your Bible if you have one or search online for the story of Elijah and the widow in 1 Kings 17: 8-16 and the story of Elisha and the widow’s oil in 2 Kings 4: 1-7.

Below are the few verses I picked out from both stories.
1Kings 17:8-9 Then the word of the Lord came to him (Elijah), saying, “Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. See, I have commanded a widow there to provide for you.”

1Kings 17:13-14
And Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go and do as you have said, but make me a small cake from it first, and bring it to me; and afterward make some for yourself and your son. For thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘The bin of flour shall not be used up, nor shall the jar of oil run dry, until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth.’ “

In the above verses, both Elijah and the widow had to obey instructions. Elijah had to obey and go to Zarephath. Elijah found the widow while she was going to prepare her last meal to eat with her son and then die for there was a famine in the land. The widow obeyed Elijah’s instructions by first preparing for him a meal and afterward God multiplied the flour and the oil which was to sustain the widow, her household and Elijah himself until the day the Lord would send rain on the earth.

2Kings 4:2-4
So Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house?” And she said, “Your maidservant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil.” Then he said, “Go, borrow vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbors–empty vessels; do not gather just a few. And when you have come in, you shall shut the door behind you and your sons; then pour it into all those vessels, and set aside the full ones.”
2Kings 4:7
Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, “Go, sell the oil and pay your debt; and you and your sons live on the rest.”

In Elisha’s story, we also see that the widow with her two sons who were about to be taken as slaves by the creditor, that her obedience to Elisha’s instructions enabled her to pay off her debt and had enough money left to live on afterwards.

Obeying instructions saved her from losing her dear sons to slavery.
I hope you are now convinced to obey God in every situation and also to obey the instructions men of God (at your local church) give you.

Obedience brings gain and progress. Obey God.

3 thoughts on “Obey God

  1. Yes.. Obedience… I love that story of the widow. It reminds me and confirms that obedience takes trust in the Lord and the grace of God .im trying to picture the little flour she had left to eat with her son and later die. But she prepared it for Elijah with faith in the Lord… Very satisfied in her heart, no grumbling… All these are not indicated in the passage but I’m sure she had the faith in God and believed that God is Almighty.
    May the Lord enable us to trust and obey even in the hardest of times.


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