Who do you take your cares to?

Each one of us has had cares and anxieties in our lives. You can also call them complaints. There are seasons in our lives when we are overwhelmed with thoughts in our minds. In the multitude of thoughts we become weary, we feel like we are carrying a heavy burden on our backs.

This builds up a pressure inside us which we need to let out in order to be free. Some people respond by calling up friends and pouring out all their hearts to them. While some people do what David in the Bible did, he poured out his heart to God.

David was suffering persecution and this resulted into pressure. He was hiding in a certain cave away from his persecutors. And while in that cave, David made his supplication (his humble request) to God because he knew that God alone would help him. God would deal bountifully with him.

In Psalm 142: 1 – 2, David spoke out all that was in his heart to God. He said “I cry out to the Lord with my voice; With my voice to the Lord I make my supplication. I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare before Him my trouble.”

When your spirit is overwhelmed within you, where do you turn to? When things are not going as expected, who do you turn to?

David turned to One who is stronger than everything that was against him. I suggest that we always turn to God in such situations and at all times.

As I type this blog, I am listening to a Worship Harvest song called “No One Else”. In the song there is a line that goes like this “I will run to You, for You alone can satisfy my soul”

Only God can calm down the disturbances in our souls when we run to Him and pour out everything to Him.

Since the title of this blog is “Who do you take your cares to?” let me switch gears a little bit. At work you will notice that, employees always have something which is not going on well. It could be that a new rule was passed that most people are not comfortable with.

So you find that this results into complaining among the employees. They talk about the issue amongst themselves without taking it to the authorities and as a result nothing changes and people stay annoyed and frustrated.

I read somewhere that a legitimate complaint can only be resolved if you direct it to the one who can change your situation. So in a work environment, take your complaint to the authorities, people you know are going to do something about it not to fellow employees who have no power to change anything.

And sometimes you can take the higher road and take your complaint to God Himself and He has a way of touching your bosses’ hearts and a good change results.

Who do you take your cares to?

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