I did Physics, Chemistry and Biology at my Advanced level. My Biology and Chemistry class had over eighty students. I remember towards my final examinations, I was in the Chemistry laboratory and the Chemistry teacher told me how I was among the students he expected to score Grade A in the subject. I left that laboratory feeling so happy that my teacher had confidence in me to perform well in my final Chemistry examination.

Those words from my teacher encouraged me so much that I started reading more than I had done before. There are many students who didn’t do any of the above subjects because their teachers told them how they were incapable of doing those subjects. They discouraged them. I believed in myself that I would perform well in the final examinations even though my current grades predicted otherwise. The words from my teacher added more belief that I was going to make it. I didn’t get grade A, I got grade B. Maybe if he hadn’t encouraged me that way, I would have got a lower grade.

All of us have dreams and most of us believe that we can achieve them. When we share our dreams with friends, bosses and family sometimes instead of receiving encouragement we receive discouragement and the dreams die there, “they don’t see the light of the day”. I think instead of telling someone how their dream won’t work, ask them some good questions that will help them reflect better on what they intend to do and hence create a good plan for it.

I believe that just like we need oxygen every minute of our lives, we also need encouragement at all times. Even if you have a very strong will, there will be times when you feel you can’t go on. In such times you need to hear some words from another person to inspire you with confidence again.

Henry Ford said that “the ability to encourage others is one of life’s biggest assets” I want you to take time and think of the people who have encouraged you during your life time and what a positive effect their words had on you. I am reminded of another incident when I was about to give up on something and someone talked with me at just the right moment and they encouraged me to not give up. They also provided some financial support to help me carry on. Therefore sometimes you don’t simply say good words to someone but you also give tangible support for that person to go forward.

In a world plagued with negativity, everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. Always make a conscious effort to always speak sincere words of affirmation, support and inspiration to those within your circle of concern.

Go cheer up someone today with your encouraging words.

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