Study in a better way – part two

There are many aspects of study. Careful study will humble you. Study itself demands humility. Study cannot happen until we are willing to be obedient to the subject matter. We must approach study as a student, not as a teacher. Arrogance and a teachable spirit each stand alone.

In the previous blog, I shared about the four steps to study. Now as you read, here are more things you need to know;

When you read a book, three very important rules govern our study. The first rule necessitates three separate readings. The first reading involves understanding what the author is saying? The second reading involves making sense of what the author put down. The third reading involves measuring whether the author is right or wrong?

To read successfully we need other aids such as seeing ourselves in what we are reading, other books, and live discussion. Talk about what you are studying with your study group to bring the knowledge “home”.  Books often have meaning only when they are read in relation to other writings.

There is also study of nonverbal “books” which is the observation of reality in things, events, and actions. Don’t just look at things; learn to discover why things are happening. The easiest place to begin with is nature. Take note of the things that control people. The best study you will ever do is the study of yourself. We should learn the things that control us. We should observe our inner feelings and mood swings. What controls our moods? Why do we like certain people and dislike others? What do these things teach us about ourselves?

Socrates always declared “Know thyself.” Study produces joy. Like any novice, we will find it hard work in the beginning. But the greater our proficiency, the greater our joy,

Alexander Pope says, “There is no study that is not capable of delighting us after a little application to it.”

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