Claude and Kelly Nikondeha

IMG-20191106-WA0008Last month on 9th November we had our “last class” at Harvest Institute. The theme of the class was Church Begins On Monday. We were sharing about how to be relevant in society as a Christian and to not just be thinking about going to heaven. By the way, we shall go to heaven, but before we go, we need to mind about the earth where we currently are.

The class was facilitated by Claude and Kelly Nikondeha, awesome people from Burundi. They are doing great things over there. They shared their stories of transformation in Burundi. I have written this blog to share with us some of the nuggets I noted down during the sessions that day. 

The work they do over in Burundi involves communities and one of the ways they got started was by creating friendships with a few contact people to know how they could come in and help. That was the first lesson that struck me; spend time with people so you can be able to help them relevantly. I also learned that when you have the right theology then that will always lead to good practices. Therefore we need to teach the right things so that people can do the right things. 

From their stories, I noticed that, once the families are strong then the communities will be strong. 

Claude and Kelly Nikondeha shared with us four steps of transforming communities. They were: identify what the community is losing, identify with them by lamenting with them; eating with them, listening to them, being their friend and many other things. You know people need to know that you care. After that show the people that there is hope for their situation. Show them that you can help them to better their lives. And finally, turn the dream into reality by working hard with the people. 

Equip the people with the necessary knowledge and let them start small until they grow. Along the way keep checking on them and track their progress.

Invest in people, because people are eternal. When you help people grow, you also grow.       


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