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2 Corinthians 9: 6 – 15

Early this year I embarked on studying portions of scripture by reading commentaries written about them. When you read a commentary it helps you understand the context of the scriptures. So, I read the above portion of scriptures and looked up what the Bible scholars had written about them. In the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible, they are labelled, “The Cheerful Giver”. Allow me, in this blog today to simply share what stood out for me as I read through one commentary.

I noticed that one should give because they want to, not because they have to. We should each give, giving is not optional. Give gladly, and give daily. God is able to give me more than I need. I always have all I need for myself. I always have more than enough for every good cause. God always makes me rich enough to be generous at all times. God supplies me with all the seed I need and makes it grow and produces a rich harvest from my generosity. It is in giving as it is in agriculture. Money sowed returns again in some way with an abundant increase, it shall not be lost. In due time, it shall spring up and produce an ample increase.

The man who wishes to make the most out of his money for future use and personal comfort will give liberally to deserving objects of charity.  That man shall reap comfort and peace, more happiness in remembering that he has done well with it and promoted the happiness of others.

Scatter seed with expectation.  When a man scatters seed in his field, God provides him with means of sowing again.  He not only gives him a harvest to supply his needs, but He blesses him also in giving him the ability to sow again. God is the source of all increase. We need to boast in what the Lord has done. It is when God thinks well of us that we are really approved and not when we think well of ourselves. The church at Corinth was a generous church, in that they provided for the needs of other churches. The main purpose of the minister is not to claim competent support but to win souls to the redeemer. As the minister makes provision for others spiritual needs, his needs are also met too. We need to provide for the aged and helpless parent.

I believe you and I have been encouraged to partner with God, in supporting ministers of the gospel, other churches, the poor and helpless.


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