Whenever I think about legacy, the second habit of highly effective people comes to mind. There are seven habits of highly effective people and the second one says “Begin with the end in mind”. These habits were put forward by Dr Stephen R Covey.

People who leave a good legacy always begin with the end in mind. I am thinking about Jesus Christ as someone who began with the end in mind. He came to earth with one mission, which was to die for all mankind on the cross. Everything He did was leading to that moment of saving us from our sin.

Before He offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sin, He preached the Gospel to the people in His time, did very many great things among the people and also made disciples who would carry on this Gospel after He had gone. This shows you that He had a plan. He was not doing anything by accident. Jesus Christ left a great legacy.

Legacy is your gift to others after you are long gone. It means having a clear destination in your mind and working towards it. Like you have noticed, Jesus Christ had a destination. Likewise we need to decide what our lives will stand for. What will people remember us for?

Very many people go about their lives without any agenda. They are swept off their feet by anything that comes their way; they are easily influenced by many things because they have not narrowed down their lives to one particular thing which they should live for.

To leave a good legacy you need to clarify your purpose and your values.

Dr Stephen R. Covey advises that we need to create a mission statement for our lives and I greatly support that idea. I wrote out my mission statement in 2018 using the seven habits application on my phone. The mission statement summarizes who I am, what I will do and the four dimensions of my life.

I suggest that you go online if you have not made your mission statement yet and make one. It will be your campus in life. When you set out your mission, you will live a focused life. It will help you with lead yourself well.

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