Have constant energy

I am totally convinced that everything in our lives is controlled by the mind. It is controlled by how we think. Did you know that how we think we feel has a definite effect on how we actually feel physically?

If you think that you are sick and weak you will be and if you think you are healthy and strong you will be. I have experienced this in my life. Whenever I think sickness, I start feeling sick. So to get back to normal, I usually start thinking health and speaking healing towards my body and I am always healed from then on.

I have also discovered that how we think about our work determines how we feel towards it and hence the amount of energy we have towards it. Therefore, it is not too much work that drains off energy, but a disturbance and disorder in our emotions (feelings) which results from how we think.

To have constant energy we need to keep in tune with our Creator God. The Bible says in Acts 17:28, “for in Him we live and move and have our being,” in God we have vitality, dynamic energy and attain completeness. Our body was also created with the ability to self-repair and all it needs is care in form of proper diet, exercise, sleep, and no physical abuse. The body will produce and maintain astonishing energy and sustain itself in good health as a result.

Neither age nor circumstance needs to deprive us of energy and vitality. Our physical condition is determined very largely by our emotional condition, and our emotional life is profoundly regulated by our thought life.

Many people are tired simply because they are not interested in anything. Nothing ever moves them deeply. You only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind. Your mind gets bored and therefore tired doing nothing. You don’t have to be tired. Get interested in something. I began teaching a class on leadership development every Saturday and it has added more energy to me. Since I am always planning through the week, thinking about how I am going to deliver the lessons for a particular session.

I have experienced these things I am telling you. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. My pastor recently said that “focus on the big stuff and the small stuff will take care of itself. Finally, hate blocks your energy, therefore to have constant energy be friendly. Always declare “I hereby draw energy from God as from an unlimited source”


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