P/PC Balance

In 2018, I was introduced to the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. I downloaded the application for the book onto my phone and I used it to develop my mission statement. I know the 7 habits off head because where I work they are printed on the walls all over the place.

Last year (2020) I said to myself “can you imagine I have never read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book?” Even though I asked myself that question, I never read the book the entire year. So this year (2021) I was moving around in some library and I stumbled on to the hard copy of the book. I told myself that I am not leaving this library without this book. I got the book and I started reading it.

In this blog, I would like to share with you one of the principles that caught my attention. Something that is very important in our lives. It is called the P/PC Balance that is the Production/Production capability balance.

Stephen R. Covey explains the principle in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people” using Aesop’s fable of the goose and the golden egg. The fable goes like this.

One day a poor farmer discovers a golden egg in the nest of his goose. At first he thinks it is a trick but as he starts to throw the egg aside he has a second thought and takes the egg to be appraised. The poor farmer couldn’t believe that the egg was pure gold. The goose continues to produce a golden egg every day and the farmer becomes fabulously wealthy.

With increasing wealth come greed and impatience and the farmer decides to kill the goose and get all the golden eggs at once. But when he opens the goose, he finds it empty. There are no golden eggs and now there is no way to get any more. The farmer has destroyed the goose that produces them.

The Production/Production capability balance is the key to living a highly effective life. Now, let me explain; Production is the desired result (golden egg) and Production capability is the ability or asset that produces the golden egg (goose). Effectiveness lies in balance. Some people focus on the “golden egg” and neglect the “goose” while others focus on the “goose” and neglect the “golden egg”.

I see this principle consistent with nature. God created day and night and He was clear that the day was for work and the night for rest. That is the balance He set up for us. Some people lack the balance or rhythm of work and rest and so they find themselves burned out and not able to deliver the desired results (golden egg) because they are not taking good care of themselves (the goose). They are living in imbalance.

This principle applies to everything for example land should be left alone to fallow so that it can bear good crops later on, your car should be serviced so that it can take you wherever you want to go. Think of other examples.

Therefore you notice that when you focus on one thing, you end up losing the other. When you focus on working without rest, you lose your health and you won’t be able to work likewise when you focus on resting without working you will not have the means (money) of meeting all your needs.

Effectiveness lies in balance.

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